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About the Company

Stins Coman is a high level system integrator.

For 18 years of work in the field of information technologies  group of the companies Stins Coman has  collected the experience which is the sum of  technologies, which have been precisely adjusted on specificity of the organization of the Customer: style of management, priorities, philosophy and strategy of an enterprise, a stage of life cycle of organization and ect.

Such approach allows us to find flexible and highly effective solutions for those who put for itself the arrogant purposes, challenges to complexities and barrier, aspires to grow.

The majority of projects of the company are unique, developed in view of specificity of the concrete customer needs. These are the projects for various market segments: state management, metallurgy, power, petrol and gas, mechanical engineering, banks and the finance institutes,  science and education organizations and etc.

There are 14  independent companies with their own specialization in the structure of  Stins Coman. Owing to this, Stins Coman group represents a wide spectrum of solutions, products and services in the field of information technologies, automation of productions and ecological safety, and also has an opportunity to consolidate forces of all companies at performance of large projects. As a result the sinergy effect allows the company to stay on qualitatively new level, creating information-operating systems which unite in one information field, technological and organizational processes – from the gauge or the executive mechanism up to business-planning at the enterprise.

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