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Modernization of the information system of JSC „The Likhachov plant“ management

Customer JSC „The Likhachov plant“
Section Industry
Performer Stins Coman corporation
Project Target

The target of modernization of ISUP AMO ZIL is increase of management activity effectiveness at the enterprise by means of technological re-equipment of the operating system, integration of information resourses and improvement of functional intersystem ISUP solution technology. In view of obsolescence and deterioration of the operating computer technology.

Reforming strategy of AMO ZIL presupposes carrying out of works on the three-stage production reforming until 2010:

    1. Development of managerial and engineering plan on production facilities restructuring.
    2. Transfer of procuring mechanical production to the regions. Completion of localization of abandoned production and carrying out of engineering and transport infrastructure replanning in the industrial zone.
    3. Completion of realization of additional high-tech production projects in the industrial zone.
    It is planned to reduce the production facilities of the entreprise, liquidation of environmentally complex production with obsolete technologies and equipment is provided.
Under this production reorganization project, modernization of enterprise management information system project has started.
Solution Experts of Stins Coman carried out inspection of the enterprise, which showed that the computing facilities operating on AMO ZIL ISUP are not up-to-date and are limited in progress. Local information systems of divisions are not integrated with the tasks solved on the AHU ISUP. For ISUP AMO ZIL as the basis platform there was chosen hardware as a part of 16-processing server SeNECa Original based on the Intel Itanium 2 processors under control of operation system SUSE Linux, disk data storage NEC NF 1300 and backup system based on the tape library Overland NEO 2000. Besides, the hardware platform ISUP AMO ZIL has the commercial operation experience proved by the examples of foreign and Russia companies, for maintenance of processes crucial for the enterprise. Application software is a private unique development of Stins Coman GC for specific tasks of the Customer.
Obtained results and archived effects At this stage the mounting and implementation of basic hardware is completed. The development of application software is proceeded.

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