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Building of the uninterruptible power supplies centralized system (330 кWА) on the basis of equipment of Liebert, HIROSS, ASCO, F.G.Wilson companies.

Customer OJSC Bank «Zenith»
Section Financial institution
Performer Stins Coman corporation, Stins Corp
Project Target To prevent losses of the crucial information and expensive equipment, possible due to unforeseen faults in city electrical networks, through elimination of all incidents which are observed from time to time in power supply system. For reaching this purpose in autumn of 1999 the management of the bank "Zenith" decided to build a unified system of the bank uninterruptible power supply.
Solution The work on the project started with gaining all necessary data from the customer; networks existing in the building were inspected. Building of the centralized uninterruptible power supplies system became possible because there was a separate electrical distribution system powered from the common power input for power supply of all critical loads. Such solution, by itself, allows to reduce instability of computers power supplies. After type definition of the system being built there was carried out calculation of its basic elements and the scheme was developed. Then, taking into account arrangement possibilities in the given premises, concrete types of devices, their modification and complement were chosen. The project is developed on the basis of equipment of Liebert-HIROSS, F. G. Wilson, ASCO companies. The following configuration which allowed to gain the uninterruptible power supplies system: The UPS of Liebert HIPULSE 200 kWA corporation with Jonson maintenance-free batteries; Two precision air conditioners Liebert-HIROSS of HiFlex series, with refrigerating capacity 7,8 кW each; Diesel-generator set F.G.Wilson R330E with power 330 кWА, with a Startup, operating time with the integral reservoir - 10 hours; The power-transfer relay ASCO of А300 series for 600 A.. Within the limits of the realized project specialists of the company carried out guarantee service of the built system. After the expiry of the guarantee period of the service maintenance contract which is aimed at maintenance of working capacity of the equipment included into system, was concluded with the bank.
Obtained results and archived effects The centralized system of uninterruptible power supply by output power 330 кWА was built and put into operation as a result of project realization at the bank "Zenith" head office (located at the address: Moscow, Banny per. 9). In case of faults in power supply the given system guarantees continuity of the bank work cycle, excludes financial losses and losses of the crucial information.

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