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Building of uninterrupted power supply system for OJSC “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” with its subsequent after-sales service.

Customer OJSC “Sheremetyevo-Kargo”
Section Other
Performer Stins Coman corporation
Project Target To ensure continuity of business in conditions of unstable power supply due to ensuring independence of the information system operation from irregularity of power supply.
Solution For machine hall of OJSC “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” there was developed engineering documentation for projecting and further delivery of uninterruptible power sources. Equipment installation was carried out in special premises with compliance with the requirements to location and attachment of UPSes. Chosen by experts of the Stins Coman company technological and engineering solutions correspond to the current analogue projects developed by other project organizations. The system is built on the basis of equipment of the company Liebert, UPS AP 7230. Warranty inspection and the required minor repairs of the equipment were carried out quarterly and simultaneously there was carried out the enhanced diagnostic of the system. Experts of OJSC “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” underwent training on equipment handling.
Obtained results and archived effects UPS delivered to OJSC “Sheremetyevo-Kargo” ensured uninterruptible operation of primary equipment. From the date of installation of the equipment and up to the present day it has been under after-sales and after-warranty service.

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