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Implementation of uninterruptible power system with total capacity 1,8 MVA on the basis of the equipment of Liebert-Hiross and F.G.Wilson companies to the objects of "Yandex" LLC

Customer "Yandex" LLC
Section Other
Performer Stins Coman corporation, Stins Corp
Project Target To provide a trouble-free operation of the expensive electronic equipment of the Yandex company, to exclude its damages and unforeseen downtimes because of emergency power cutoffs.
Solution The common power of the whole system built as a result of the project implementation makes 1,8 МVА. The project was realized during 4 stages: 1. Within the limits of the first stage of operations there were delivered two UPSes Liebert-Hiross Hipulse E 200кVА 6 pulse in parallel, Diesel-generator set F.G.Wilson 400 кVА and power-transfer relay ASCO for 600 amperes. 2. The task of the second stage consisted in additional delivery to already installed equipment of two more UPSes Liebert-Hiross Hipulse E 200кVА 12 pulse. 3. At the third stage of the project there were delivered three UPSes Liebert-Hiross Hipulse E 300kVA 6 pulse in parallel (system 2 + 1), Diesel-generator set F.G.Wilson 1250кVА and power-transfer relay ASCO for 2000 amperes. 4. At the fourth final stage, which included the office building equipping, there were delivered UPSes Liebert-Hiross Hipulse E 120кVА 6 pulse –Single system, Diesel-generator set F.G.Wilson 250к Diesel-generator set F.G.Wilson 250кVA and power-transfer relay ASCO for 400 amperes. Within the limits of the project the company has carried out operations on delivery of the equipment, tools and expendable materials, equipment installation on-the-spot, attachment of UPSes, batteries and diesel generator sets, mounting of automatic throw-over equipment and external bypass, and also start-up operations and parameter and operating mode control of both separate units and the system as a whole. Besides, under the contract, all service maintenance within the system operation process is carried out by specialists of the company.
Obtained results and archived effects As a result of the project implementation the system of ensured trouble-free power supply for trouble-free operation of the server equipment of the largest Russian portal - Yandex company was built. The energy crisis which broke out in the capital on May, 25th, 2005 as a result of an accident at one of Moscow electric power substations became unwitting confirmation of the quality of operations fulfilled by Stins Corp. and of the necessity to use ensured trouble-free power supplies. In spite of the fact that only the first stage of the project had been completed, all Yandex web-services worked without failures.

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