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IT infrastructure management

Hardware and software inventory

Inventory of software and hardware products within the whole life cycle and their testing for compliance with the license policy in relations with engineering companies is one of the major problems for any company aspiring to keep down expenses on information technologies. Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 allows to solve easily the problems connected with control over the use of software and hardware resources. It automatically collects data on software products and equipment installed in the network and makes records in a special database. After this the administrator can quickly find out about resources available in the system as well as location of each of them.

In order to correspond completely to the requirements of present-day business, SMS 2003 integrates the database with various and powerful toolkit for tracing the frequency of applications use. Thus, the company management will always be informed not only of what software is installed in client and server computers, but also of the extent to which it is claimed, which allows flexibly to redistribute the licenses among employees. Having information about the use of a certain program, one can make a managerial decision: whether it is worth to continue with further purchases of the given product or it is better to get rid of it upon the expiry of the license contract. Quite often at installation of new software the previous versions remain in the clients’ computers but are no longer used. SMS 2003 considerably simplifies the task on detection of such failures due to developed monitoring facilities and report preparation.


Resources monitoring and failures prevention system

At the current complexity of information system one cannot demand failure-free operation of the IT Infrastructure. However it is possible to reduce the number of emergencies and to take corresponding measures for their elimination. IT systems downtime leads to potential loss of income, unsatisfactory level of clients’ service and, as result, to falling behind competitors. The product of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) is intended to help to overcome the given obstacles on the way toward foundation of dynamic developing organizations.

One of the basic functions of MOM is the possibility for employees of the company’s IT Department to diagnose and eliminate insignificant failures even before they develop to major ones. Due to direct monitoring of current events as well as of condition and network resources performance, there comes to the fore the actual information which is recorded, estimated and used for failures prevention. It is possible due to open and scalable MOM infrastructure, its powerful operational console displaying the status of all systems and servers, as well as to the knowledge base present in numerous applied management packs.


Update management

In the current conditions maintenance of IT system safety is an important and at the same time challenging task.
The situation is worsened by the fact that intervals between updating release and new weaknesses occurrence have reduced considerably. Resolution of this problem requires attraction of a large volume of resources - financial, human and technological. Practical experience of many enterprises proves the importance of efficient system of controllable update distribution.


Windows Software Update Services together with System Management Server form an optimum combination of tools helping to maintain the system in effective state. WSUS provides administrative flexibility and simplifies updating mechanism of safety system and software.


License management

The right approach to software licensing and subsequent license management allows to achieve the peak efficiency of investments in information system of a present-day enterprise. License management provides significant benefits to the organization using computers, irrespective of its scales. And it is not only the question of financial advantages. The applied toolkit gives invaluable help in solution of such important problems as data security maintenance and increase in personnel performance. Implementation of this technology will allow to plan regularly purchases and updating of used software. Due to purchases planning you can avail yourself more favourable offer on software acquisition. Unification and knowledge of installed software configuration allow to reduce risks. This technology will allow you to create unified workplaces for employees and due to unification will cut down expenses on maintenance and will allow to come to a new, more efficient level of management of the organization’s information assets.

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