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News » JSC ”Stins Coman Integrated Solutions” is going to build conditioning and power supply systems for Russian television and radio broadcasting network

JSC ”Stins Coman Integrated Solutions” is going to build conditioning and power supply systems for Russian television and radio broadcasting network

Federal State Unitary Entity (FSUE) “Russian Television and Radio-broadcasting Network (RTRN)” and JSC ”Stins Coman Integrated Solutions” have made and entered into a contract. The contract covers execution of work package to deliver equipment for the Center of tele-radio-broadcasting network of RTRN and performance of installation and commissioning works in respect of power supply and conditioning.           

Power supply and conditioning of strategic significant object is going to be performed based on the use-proven engineering solutions. APC InfraStruXure™ systems and Eaton hardware of Powerware series will become the basis of the infrastructure of monitoring and control center of tele-radio-broadcasting RTRN.

Application of the technologies of the market-leading companies will provide a full integration of power supply, cooling, control and maintenance of equipment allocated in cabinets. As a result, “Stins Coman Integrated Solutions” will build a reliable solution, meeting all the RTRN’s requirements and for a suitable price.   

“StruxureWare Data Center Expert” System of APC for centralized monitoring and control is applied within the project. “Russian Television and Radio-broadcasting Network” will get an efficient tool of physical infrastructure control including power supply, cooling, safety and environment monitoring systems. Real-time control and instantaneous messages about the emergency incidents would prevent damages and ensure uninterrupted running of critically significant applications.        

«Long-terms experience of projects realization and high competences of “Stins Coman Integrated Solutions” enable to build successfully the life-supporting systems of any level of complexity. Our designers and engineers will build a complete set of solutions for power supply and conditioning of the Russian monitoring and control Center of tele-radio-broadcasting network. The new contract execution will provide fail-safety and high availability of RTRN’s computing systems», - emphasized Alexander Fomenko, Director of “Stins Coman Integrated Solutions”.             

About “Russian Television and Radio-broadcasting Network”

Russian television and radio broadcasting network – the strategic entity established for the purposes of State defense and security provision. RTRN, together with VGTRK, the First channel, “Ostankino” Telecenter and GPKS constitutes the base of the state tele-radio-broadcasting system.       

RTRN – the natural monopoly in the communication field carrying out ground-based etheric broadcast of All-Russian obligatory generally available tele- and radio channels throughout the territory of Russian Federation.   

RTRN – the exclusive executor of measures for data etheric tele-radio broadcasting network development within Federal Target Program - “Tele-Radio Broadcasting in Russian Federation for the period 2009-2018”. Russian television and radio broadcasting network is a member of international consortium named “Digital Video Broadcasting Project. DVB Project is a society of communication industry, which consists of the organizations from more than 35 countries all over the world.   

Russian Television and Radio-broadcasting Network structure includes 76 regional branches: republican, regional and provincial tele-radio broadcasting centers. Services of tele-radio broadcasting centers in Russia are used by approximately 900 television broadcasting companies (20% - state companies and 80% - non-state companies) and over 500 radio broadcasting stations (27% - state-based and 73% commercial-based) including the All-Russian obligatory generally available television and radio channels.       

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