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News » “Stins Korp.”: one of the biggest projects for aerospace industry

“Stins Korp.”: one of the biggest projects for aerospace industry

“Stins Korp.” has completed installation of hot isostatic press for the one of the leading Russian companies in aerospace industry, specialized in development and production of the gas-turbine engines for aviation and sea-going ships.          

Hot isostatic press (gasostat) is a plant designated to increase the product capacity and high-technology forming defect elimination, it was produced by Belgian company “EPSI”, which produces a high pressure equipment to be used in manufacturing, test and scientific laboratories and in the dedicated fields.      

«”EPSI” is our long-term partner and this joint project has become the one of the most complex and biggest project for us», - said Valery Didenko, Director of “Stins Corp., - Besides installation and commissioning of equipment, training of customer’s personnel that will service the gasostat, was provided. This project will enable to distribute actively the EPSI’s equipment in the Russian market.       

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