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Consalting and information systems audit

Nowadays the customer expects of the adviser not multivolume descriptions of its business processes and the current situation, but accurate, clear and reasonable recommendations on the basis of which there can be carried out practical works for business effectivization, i.e. recommendations which will serve as the guide for action. And it is such consulting that Stins Coman offers to its customers. The field of competence of its experts is wide - from information systems optimization to environmental problems resolution and providing financial support of projects.

In the field of enterprise control systems Stins Coman renders services at choice, development and installation of control systems of the enterprise business activities, including:

  • pre-project inspection of enterprises and organizations according to business lines.
  • building of information model of the enterprise business
  • preparation of user requirements
  • choice of computer system
  • development of custom-made control systems
  • system implementation
  • learning to use the system
  • maintenance and consultations.

Upon inclusion in the holding of  Giprogazoochistka  Project institute the company renders a new type of service - consultations in the field of purification of process and aspirating gases and ventilation emissions, including:

  • advisory services for gas purification projects, for process engineering and working out of gas purification schemes, technical requirements and regulations, equipment, gas purification devices and plants, systems of industrial waste utilization and recovered harmful substances disposal.
  • services on completing equipment, delivery of equipment and materials for gas-cleaning plants
  • provision of customers with information materials on the basis of generalization and analysis of home and foreign experience of designing, building and operation of dust and gas collectors in various branches of industry.

In the sphere of management of the enterprises quality system:

  • consulting on development and implementation of the quality management system in the organization
  • preparation of the quality management systems for certification
  • organization of seminars on the quality management system
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