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Data Processing Center

The Data Processing Center (DPC) is a computing infrastructure (a set of interrelated software and hardware components, organizational procedures, locations and personnel), designed for safe centralized or distributed processing, data storage and submittal, services, applications, and with high degree of the resources virtualization. Typical Data Processing Center includes server complex, systems of data storage, back up, infrastructure maintenance, information security and engineering infrastructure of the Data Processing Center. All the components of the system are integrated and combined by high-performance channels.

Combining of client resources in the Data Processing Center makes it possible to use infrastructural capacity most effectively. At this approach there is no necessity to provide every element with necessary support tools, such as uninterruptible power supplies, optimum working temperature and air moisture maintenance systems. Such centralization results in reduction of hardware maintainance costs.

To provide with reliable and uninterruptible functioning of information systems Stins Coman offers the solution including basic and reserve Data Processing Centers (the latter – in the remote floor). Herewith the reserve center duplicates the main functions of the basic center.

Apart from the backing function, the second center can be used for partial relief of the computing complex of the main computing center. Herewith intermutual backing is carried out and the resources of both Data Processing Centers are used most optimally.
The base of the Data Processing Center is the server complex which should have the following characteristics:

  • computing capacity is easily enhanced;
  • possiblility of operating of several operational systems on one sever;
  • main components should be backed up to avoid system failure.  

Choice of operational system is also important. Nowadays Data Processing Centers are most often run by 64-bit versions of Linux OS and/or Microsoft OS. It is the use of 64-bit application software (for instance, Oracle DBMS, SQL Server) that brings the best results in respect to computing capacity and optimization of business processes. Using of such solution makes it possible to protect completely the enterprise investments, due to architectural flexibility of solutions and centralization and effective use of resources for data storage and processing.

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