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Delivery and setting-up of equipment

In the course of information systems building Stins Coman carries out selection and coordination of specifications, order, purchase, completing or production, delivery, assemblage, installation, setting-up, adjustment, starting-up and commissioning of equipment included in information systems, software-hardware complexes or separate subsystems. Technical experts carry out initial inspection (at purchase of products or components) and acceptance inspection (together with the customer) the delivered equipment and systems completed by it.

The company offers a wide range of active and passive equipment of computer networks, workstations and servers (including fat 64-bit servers and clusters, multiprocessing, fail-safe and failure-resistant, scalable and expandable by many characteristics). Among the equipment for building of the infrastructure components and technical subsystems – there are uninterruptible power supply, diesel-generator sets, commercial air conditioner, cable equipment, communication equipment (including video servers and audio components, telephone exchanges, means of IP telephony systems building, voice communication systems, etc.).

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