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IT-infrastructure management

LANDesk Management Suite is a product which allows to manage company’s network infrastructure tracing changes at separate stations and servers, making it possible to carry out centralized management of software and its distribution, operational systems installation and migration, remote problems solution and stations control, inventory of the whole machines base including detailed information on separate units of every working station or server, and to receive detailed reports on selected indexes of the given units or other objects.

All the actions are centralized by unified management console which enables remote connection to a principal server.

The software complex LANDesk Management Suite contents unified information base due to which it is possible to use the reports system and data windows to obtain information on specific criteria.

LANDesk Management Suite is a powerful means of inventory which makes it possible to store detailed information on base of machines, installed software and equipment and to trace changes in software licenses in a major company. In case of problems arising, LANDesk Management Suite allows to detect the problem source, in case of access to perform remote connection to the corresponding station and to solve the problem.

This is an innovation platform independent solution for confident deployment of unified software platform or cross-platform business applications. Unicenter NSM will help you to have infrastructure optimized on demand, receiving maximum profit from your investments in information technology, organizing continuous access and autonomic network and system elements.
NSM includes four key principles:

  • multi-purpose technology;
  • platform independent detecting and monitoring of stable work and performance;
  • advanced video display of data;
  • operations within the whole company.

Unicenter NSM can be easily integrated with other products of Computer Associates and of third companies, work with numerous platforms and supports complex network infrastructure in management which makes it possible to produce centralized software distribution, monitoring of work stability and performance by the specified indexes.

The following key aspects help to reduce the risk of business applications and to support multi-platform media:

  • automated response – extended information on stable work of all elements and performance is listed and it is possible to assign determination, notification and response to indexes beyond the norm which may influence work stability of the end user. You can combine raising and notice policies or to use them separately, to use raising policies for time reduction of problems solving;
  • events interconnection – Unicenter NSM allows to analyze events of network, system and applications and due to the existing mechanism of deepening it makes it possible to determine the source of the problem from a chain of interrelated events;
  • notices of policies-based events– you can assign information response to the specified roles within the company. Using console administrators can adjust their own events scan sets;
  • overall platform support – you can collect information for great variety of platforms including Windows, UNIX, Linux, КАК/400, z/OS, and OpenVMS. You can collect network information from TCP/IP, SNA and DECnet architectures, by means of unified point of operations management of the whole company;
  • remote management – ideal for environment based on branches or WAN connection where specialized agent installation may be difficult or impossible, remote management will provide you with the possibility to receive direct information on the status of network and system elements;
  • convenient system of reports and information windows – reports system which allows to receive detailed reports of specified parameters and information windows (Dashboards), it makes it possible to create your own sets of data display.

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