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Company's Philosophy

We see our mission in becoming the leading service provider of system integration, unsurpassed in creation of long-term advantages to the clients, first of all, due to professionalism and maintenance of stability of  business.

Mission is for the sake of what we exist. It is our highest purpose.

We understand  a word "stability" as not static character (let even rather safe), and such dynamical condition, when:

  • Quickly grow new  competence and  position in the market on "successful" products and technologies;
  • Forces and resources are quickly redistributed;
  • Inefficient directions, structures are quickly liquidated, and the personnel is retrained.

In the activity we are guided on "breaking trought" technological, administrative, information decisions and innovative approaches to activity; we aspire to generate unique key the competence; we operate only with the best products.

Thus we offer

    To our customers:

  • The decision of their problems;
  • The reasonable price;
  • High quality of products/services;
  • Effective support of business;

    To our employees:

  • Payment fair and meeting market indicators;
  • Interesting work;
  • Increase of own qualification and, as following, wages;
  • Prospects of growth of business of the company;
  • Stay in a society competent and observing laws of ethics of people;
  • Participation in events happening in the company and feeling the respect to it;
  • Optimum working conditions;

    To our suppliers:

  • Long-term mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • Stable partner relations;

    To the country:

  • Strengthening of national economy due to development of high technologies;
  • Maintenance of well-being and social security of citizens (employees of the company);
  • Observance of the current legislation;

    To our shareholders:

  • Growth of cost of the company in the rate exceeding bank incomes, and also rates of growth of gross national product.

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