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Training, certification and testing of it experts

Among the equipment with which Stins Coman works there occur particularly complex equipment, for example, Tally printers - high-speed matrix printers intended for heavy workload. Such printers require special service and special training. Server equipment can also be of different types: usual servers of Wintel architecture and 64-bit servers on Itanium or Itanium 2 processors.

Accordingly, after the equipment is delivered, mounted, placed in operation Stins Coman carries out customer training - in case the customer decides to maintain this equipment on its own. And if the maintenance function is performed by the executor, that is Stins Coman, reduced training is carried out - only concerning equipment operation.

Stins Coman on its own develops the training program according to documentation for this equipment. Since according to the license agreement or OEM-agreement not all technological documents are transferred to the customer, such training is important for the customer. Stins Coman develops its own training courses. The program can contain from 1-2 day courses for elementary cases to 1 week for more complex systems (in case of multiprocessing servers). For such training experts of companies-manufacturers of the equipment are invited. In particular, at delivery of NEC servers (AsAmA or SeNECa) an expert from Japan came, and if the customer wishes to have a certificated professional it can also use the similar program.

If the customer after delivery of the system (for example, uninterruptible power system, LAN) needs to carry out training of the employees, Stins Coman can organize the given type of training as well. This training is usually diversified by groups of the customer’s employees: users are trained under separate program, experts maintaining the system or equipment, - under the program which completely different from the first one. The program for managers - more complex and profound, is focused on technical experts.

Upon completion of the training by Stins Coman, the corresponding documents of the training program completion are issued.

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